Collaborative Painting IS a Spectator Sport

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Collaborative Painting IS a Spectator Sport


Live painting is fun to watch, especially when two of St. Louis’ finest artists collaborate. The afternoon of live painting marked the close of Henryk Ptasiewicz’ exhibition Celebrity at OA Gallery.

Both are seasoned professional representational artists who have earned the respect of the art community. And both of them like color, lots of it!

2 Well Respected Painters Collaborate on

2 Blank Canvases for

3 Hours to Create

2 Outstanding Portraits

Lisa Ober‘s style is photo realistic which is very different from Henryk’s Ptasiewicz‘ bold brush strokes and unique colors.

Painting is usually a solitary process where the artist has complete control over the canvas. But collaboration requires an entirely different skill set.

Painting Begins

Purchase the Final Original Artwork



Lisa is a professional painter primarily working in pastels and oil. She is most known for her work as a portrait artist and for her strikingly realistic still lifes.


In contrast, Henryk Ptasiewicz is known for his more impressionist style through his bold strokes and unexpected color palettes.